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What is IVF?

IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization, which deals with infertility and genetic problems. In this process, the woman’s egg is joined with a man’s sperm in the laboratory.


How does IVF Work?

Under normal circumstances, the Fertilization takes place inside the woman’s body. The egg once fertilized it starts growing and attaches to the lining of the womb. This process is completed in nine months. However, if there are complications in the Fertilization process the assisted methods are used which help the women to get pregnant. One of these methods involves In Vitro Fertilization. First step of In Vitro Fertilization involves a specialist who examines the eggs from the ovaries using a needle then in the lab the Fertilization takes place. When the egg mixes with the sperm, the cells are developed inside the embryos. The embryos are then re-implanted into the uterus.

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Step by Step Procedure of In Vitro Fertilization 

The In Vitro Fertilization Process Consists of the Following Steps 


Super Ovulation

In this phase, the Endocrinologist will examine the ovaries to perceive whether the eggs are being produced without any complication in the ovaries. The level of hormones is also monitored. If there is any suspect during this procedure then certain medication is recommended by professionals to stimulate the number of eggs inside the ovaries. More number of released eggs makes the IVF process successful at a faster pace. If the medication doesn’t bring positive results and remains ineffective then an endocrinologist will suggest for Egg Donor IVF.


Egg Ovulation

In this phase, the eggs are removed from the woman’s body through a thin needle. Surgery is carried out and the eggs and fluid of follicle are pulled out. In case when the eggs are not produced naturally then donors are used.



The eggs are then given in the laboratory and then separated from the follicle using a specialized microscope. Then the eggs are fertilized by a sperm and the process takes place in the same way as in the body 


IVF Procedure

After an Egg Fertilizes with a sperm, embryo development begins. When an egg attaches with a sperm, it becomes an embryo. Embryo provides room for the growth and development of cells. The condition for growth and development of embryo are created using some specific acids. The cells in the embryo constantly grow and when completely develops it is attached to the thick lining of the uterus. 

Some complications might occur during this phase such as a sperm may not come out strong enough or the egg is unable to mature. Regardless, an endocrinologist will always keep you updated about the progress. 

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What is IVF Treatment for Pregnancy?

IVF requires the women to undergo an ovarian testing which involves blood sample and (FSH). This will assist your consulting specialist undermine the quality of your eggs and examining your uterus.  It also depends on many factors e.g., age. As patient’s age increases the chance for IVF’s success lessens. Some other factors can be the reason for infertility. If you are under forties (35 years) then the Success Ratio of the IVF is higher and can avail donor eggs. The success rate of IVF decreases above thirty-five years of age but still, there are possibilities of Getting Pregnant.


Is IVF Treatment Painful?

Is IVF Treatment Painful? No, the process is not painful though you may experience cramps might at some point. It can also be uncomfortable and can lead to rise in anxiety as the menstrual cycle begins. If the first cycle fails then the loss might set in suspicions or depression and to counter that constant reassurance and support will be needed by family members and friends. Some of the patients may not experience the feeling of loss and might consider for the next IVF cycle. However, it depends from person to person how one may take and deal with it. It disturbs your hormones and this is the reason why some may not be able to cope up with the changes in body and drop the subject after the first unsuccessful attempt of IVF.


IVF Side Effects

IVF Treatment comes with benefits and drawbacks as well. Any Infertility Treatment brings equal chance of success and failure. It depends on the conditions based on which treatment is being carried out. If you bear any suspicions, we are here at your service to accommodate you in every way possible.

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