What Is IVF and IVF Treatment?

IVF Treatments

What Is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive method which is used to treat infertility. This infertility treatment involves the securing procedure of eggs and sperms from male and female. The eggs are then incubated at a certain temperature after mixing with a sperm to begin the fertilization process. After the retrieving process and mixing of these cells; the embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman for implantation. However, the implantation of embryos might take from one to two weeks.


Natural in Vitro Fertilization was discovered by Robert Edward and Patrick Steptoe during post-twenties era i.e. 1970. The initiation of the procedure was to implant a test-tube baby in the womb of women through oral medications and injections to stimulate the ovaries reserve. The first baby born as a result of In Vitro Fertilization was Louise Brown.


Louise Brown was born to Lesley and John Brown through natural in Vitro Fertilization. It is imperative to underscore the adverse effects of the in Vitro Fertilization medicines as well. The woman receiving fertility drugs have the possibilities of gaining few extra pounds during the procedure. Even so, the infertility drugs’ effects are not ever-lasting and the patient might feel a sudden drop of pounds in their weight after labor.


The in Vitro Fertilization is not rigorously harsh and facilitates you with serenity procedures. The infertility specialist would take an in-depth analysis of your reproductive health to eliminate any pregnancy complications. The patients would be monitored throughout the ovarian stimulation phase.

It is highly recommendable to get yourself monitored every single day for two consecutive weeks during ovaries stimulation phase. The scans and blood tests are done in those cases where women are not producing enough reproductive hormones to have mature qualitative eggs. The attainment of maturation stage requires frequent check-ups and high doses to stimulate the ovaries. It works wonder on the infertility couples who are despair of becoming parents especially those men who have erectile dysfunction.

What is IVF Treatment?

The traditional in Vitro Fertilization procedure is comprised of one to two months. There are 4 stages to consider before a woman is getting pregnant.

  • Stage one involves the CT scans, blood testing, and to extract the primary cause which led to infertility in spouses i.e. erectile dysfunction, fallopian disorder and age etc.
  • Stage two; after determining the cause, the infertility specialist would stimulate the ovaries through injections and oral drugs to increase the level of FSH.
  • Stage three; the eggs would be retrieved and incubate in the lab and mixed with a sperm obtained from the male spouse or donor. The fertilization is monitored to transfer the embryos into the uterus in one to two days.
  • Stage four; the embryos would be transferred through a catheter, a slim tube which is inserted through vaginal opening to release into the uterus.

The couple is asked to take one to two weeks before taking pregnancy test because the body of woman might take one to two weeks in implantation of embryo. If the embryos are implanted successfully then multiple pregnancies can result. However, the rate of success increases with more number of embryos.


IVF Procedure in Getting Pregnant

The men facing infertility can seek assistance through a professional counselor or an infertility specialist who would provide a road-map following the Ct scans, blood-tests and other hormonal testing. There are no determined prerequisites for any assisted reproductive technology treatment. In Vitro Fertilization can be obtained by those men who have had harsh surgery in the past e.g. cancer radiation and chemotherapy can cause infertility. The following causes are as follow:

•    Varicocele (enlarge veins in the scrotum).

•    HIV.

•    Hereditary abnormalities (can also be passed down to children).

•    Gonorrhea.

•    Lower-sperm count.

•    Erectile dysfunction.

•    Age (hormonal imbalance).

•    Azoospermic ( low no semen production)

•    Ejaculatory duct obstruction.


It is admonished by the infertility specialist to get a thorough examination prior to picking any infertility treatment options. The patient must look in to the subject of infertility with immense consideration by seeking constant feedback and assistance from the consultants.


Infertility Support Group of Pakistan (ISGP) also recommend you to get social support and this might eradicate any uprising concern related to the treatments and its aftermath. Social support is an essential element to get constant assurance as hormonal imbalance may cause great stress issues among male and females. Even so, talking to your best friends or those whom you confide in would definitely provide mental relieve from fears and stress.


The endocrine alteration is done to settle the hormonal imbalance and mature follicles. The oral medications and injections would bring changes in your emotions (mood swings) and it might occur as pre-menstrual symptoms. You might not experience some monthly cycle changes i.e. pimples, hot flush and stomach upsets.


Additionally, as it was mentioned earlier in the article that you might experience changes in your body. The patient might put on a few pounds which would later be shed after labor. IVF is not without side effects and the ovaries stimulation drugs bring the following:

•    Ovaries stimulation syndrome i.e. the ovaries swell to large sizes.

•    Miscarriages occur frequently.

•    Depression.

•    Low-birth weight.

•    Pre-mature delivery etc.


The In Vitro Fertilization procedure success rate varies from patient to patient. It is roughly estimated that the first IVF cycle success rate is round 30pc. The ovaries stimulation medications will be used till a woman achieves pregnancy successfully.


ISGP values its members and provide in-depth knowledge regarding the best specialists and the infertility centers to cure the disease through ART. IVF is recommended by many specialists; Even so, ISGP would admonish you to consider scheduling an appointment with infertility specialist to determine the cause of infertility before taking treatment and rushing matters.


IVF is an excellent approach to live your dream of parenting, however, ISGP has also listed other infertility related blogs to assist the infertile couple to narrow down their options and let the miracle of ART work itself such as ICSI, IUI and etc.

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