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March 17, 2020, 4:51 am

Minimal Stimulation IVF

What is (Minimal stimulation IVF) Mini IVF?

  • Sonia
    2 months ago

    Mini IVF is a procedure that lessens the cost of the infertility treatment compared to standard IVF. It takes into consideration that heavy doses of the hormone are not being injected and laboratory procedure is also avoided. However, we should take into account that the Mini IVF is not recommended for all women. It varies from patient to patient. Mini IVF involves a minimal amount of oral medication and gonadotropins to ensure a higher quality of 3-4 embryos.

  • Sadia
    2 months ago

    The following factors make you an eligible candidate for Mini IVF:

    If you have a fewer number of eggs in the ovaries.

    You can’t afford expensive treatments such as standard IVF.

    To prevent Ovarian Hyperstimulation syndrome.

    Hormone-related cancer history.

  • Irfa
    2 months ago

    Mini IVF is considered as a more effective method to counter infertility. This method is specifically for those who seek lower cost infertility treatment. This may require several cycles of the treatment.

  • Laraib
    2 months ago

    A fertility specialist will examine and provide further details about Mini IVF treatment. The treatment requires daily injections which make it too costly but fortunately, we have Mini IVF available now. The treatment is not costly compared to other treatments.

  • Aliza
    2 months ago

    I strongly agree with its affordability and a good consultant of infertility will help you recover from this disease in no time. It’s a conventional IVF which makes sure that eggs are released during ovulation to implant an embryo.

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