What is an Endometriosis According to an Infertility Specialist?

Endometriosis is a condition as a result of building endometrial tissue outside the uterus of a woman. The endometrial tissues normally grow inside the womb to prepare the lining for ovulation.  Endometriosis occurs when the endometrial tissue covers the fallopian tubes, ovaries and your pelvic organ (tissues lining your pelvis). With every menstrual cycle, the endometrial tissue outside your uterus thickens and bleeds. When the endometrial tissues outside womb are formed surrounding the pelvis area and they are unable to exit then a cyst named, Endometrioma grows in the ovaries. The women suffer from chronic pain issues i.e. pain before and during menstruation, consistent abdomen and pelvic pain are also as a result of endometrioma or Endometriosis. The severity of endometriosis disorder causes further pregnancy complications which later reveal as infertility issues among women. Endometrioma causes scarring of tissues; making the organs and the endometrial tissue to stick to each other.


Endometriosis Raises Pregnancy Complications

The pregnancy complications can arise as a result of endometriosis. The infertility specialists often describe the pelvic pain, cramps and intense pain during ovulation which worsens over the time as endometriosis. The cause of this disorder has not been found yet but the infertility specialists believe that the abnormal growth of cells outside the uterus remains trapped. The trapped tissues cause the organs and pelvic to stick together and as a result chronic pain is felt during sexual intercourse and periods.


Endometriosis Raises Pregnancy Complications


The following are the reasons of endometriosis:

  • The feeling of intense pain and cramps during and prior to menstrual bleeding (dysmenorrhea). The chronic pain will be felt in the abdomen depending how far the tissues have spread near pelvic area.
  • The women experiences pain during and post-sexual intercourse.
  • The blood may come along with urine during periods (menstrual cycle).
  • The women experiences infertility as a result of blocked fallopian tubes and endometrioma.
  • You might feel sickness, vomiting, constipation and drowsiness during your period cycle.


It has been diagnosed that the women experiencing chronic pain might have less severe condition as compared to those who have little or no pain.

Some patients might experience chronic pelvic pain due to pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or PCOS. The condition of a woman worsens if she has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and endometriosis. The symptoms involve in IBM are diarrhea, sickness, lower back pain and abdominal cramps. This condition gives rise to pregnancy complications according to the infertility doctors in Pakistan.


Endometriosis Stages According to Infertility Specialists

Endometriosis is found in brain, liver and near abdomen. These endometrial tissues are non-cancerous. However, these tissues can cause severe diseases and disorders. Endometriosis has up to four stages i.e. according to the location, size, the severity of the tissues implanted along with scarring area. The degree of symptoms may vary from patient to patient as everyone has a unique anatomy system. The minimal endometriosis is when a patient has mild tissue formation outside uterus and scarring. The moderate and severe condition rises when there is formation of cysts and severe scarring as a result of superficial implant of endometrial tissues. Nevertheless, the pregnancy complications rise on stage four endometriosis which leads to infertility.

It has been diagnosed that depending on the implant’s depth and surrounding high nerve density causes chronic pain but the infertility doctors still see no significant relation in pain and the endometriosis stages. The endometrial tissue development outside uterus is still unknown to the experts of genecology. The Endometrial lesion causes blood in the urine; it is when the tissues are implanted outside uterus. It also causes pain in chest and blood from mouth, headache and epileptic attacks when these tissues are in the brain or liver. The sudden and uncontrollable jerking movements are experienced as a result of epileptic. The ovarian cancer is at highest risk of being found in women especially those who have never conceived before i.e. primary infertility. The patients are prescribed by the infertility specialist to use an oral contraceptive pill (OCPs) to prevent epithelial cancer. The cancer is built as a result of mutation and cell division which invades other organs of the body. One of the causes of endometriosis is the retrograde flow of blood during menstrual.


Is Endometriosis a Hindrance in Getting Pregnant?

It has been discovered that women are able to conceive with endometriosis if they are not on moderate or stage 4. It is roughly estimated that 75% of women are getting pregnant when experiencing mild or moderate endometriosis. The hormones and body internal structure might contribute to eliminate fertility for some women. The inflammatory can be another cause which affects the fertilization process and ovulation. The doctors in Pakistan suggest of undergoing an assisted medical reproductive treatment to cute endometriosis. It is also reported that women who opt diet involving green vegetables and fruits have lower chances of this disorder.


Treatments to Eliminate Pregnancy Complications Due to Endometriosis

An Obstetrician genealogist will examine physically through pelvic exam. The doctor will insert one finger in the rectum and the second finger in vagina. This process may feel uncomfortable and a slight pain will be experienced. This is to feel the presence of endometrial tissues surrounding uterus and cysts formation. Endometriosis can also be diagnosed through the scanning of the lower abdomen through Ultrasound and MRI exam; these are non-invasive treatments and might not show clearly the situation of the vulva anatomy. A minimal invasive surgery will be done to clearly see the situation i.e. laparoscopy. This carries out by making several small cuts and a slim tube is inserted front attached to a light and camera to see the internal organs on monitor. The surgery is mainly done to remove the excessive endometrial tissues outside uterus to cure infertility. The oral medication such as ibuprofen is recommended by doctors to treat endometriosis if it works effectively then no further treatment will be needed. But, if ibuprofen remains ineffective then oral contraceptive pills would also be suggested. The vaginal rings and patches are used to control the hormones which are responsible for endometriosis (the womb lining tissues). Gn-RH is a given by the doctors of Pakistan to shrink the endometrial tissues and relieve pain. It is taken when the birth control pills are ineffective on some women. When a woman shows irregular or no sign of period, progestins are prescribed by the infertility specialists. The medicine is taken to prevent severe cramps and chronic pelvic pain. Aromatase inhibitors are used to reduce estrogen in women and might also be recommended with progestins.

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