Infertility Treatments

IVF Treatments

Methods of Infertility Treatments

Infertility is a reproductive disease which can be diagnosed using hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, blood tests and CT scans. There are various operational devices which are used to screen the cause and infertility defects. Nevertheless, new researches have brought innovative ways and methods to treat infertility in male and females. The method involves medications, assisted reproductive state of the art technology. The infertility treatments are not cheap and can cause extravagant expenses such as conventional IVF and ICSI treatments.


Duration of Infertility Treatments

The infertility treatment may vary from patient to patient as every individual is unique in their own way. Firstly, the duration is also depended upon the type of infertility treatment such as Natural IVF, Mini IVF and conventional IVF have different approaches to fix the reproductive disease. The conventional IVF would take longer duration as compared to Mini and Natural IVF; the conventional IVF involves more cost, medications and precise details to access fastest results while ensuring the success rate of implantation of embryo. The infertility treatments can take up to six to nine months before any obvious results are observed. The surgical reproductive approach to conceive; one IVF cycle might appear sufficient in some cases while other patients may take longer. IVF involves the artificial implantation of embryo into the uterus of a woman. It is mostly adopted by the patients when they have defects in their sexual organs or above 43 years of age. This approach is opted by the couples who are unable to conceive after one year of repetitive sexual intercourse without contraceptive measures. The procedure can take approximately two months for a woman to get pregnant.


Success Rate of Infertility Treatments

The success rate of the infertility treatments is approximately 47% according to the World Health Organization. There are various factors which determine the success rate i.e. one’s age, the desired infertility treatment, associated methods, and the infertility specialist’s expertise. The infertility treatment can last from one to several weeks. The probation of receiving another cycle of infertility treatment is higher in some cases to get pregnancy.


How to Choose the Right Fertility Clinic?

ISGP would recommend to research thoroughly and read the reviews given by the patients who had availed the infertility treatments. The struggling couple can also book an appointment with an infertility consultant who would review your previous history of disease and it is also conditioned on the comfort level that your surgeon maintains with you. You can also research on the other factors such as the infertility centers success rate i.e. based on

•    The successful pregnancy rate.

•    Healthy baby birth rate.

•    In a certain infertility treatment method.

•    Treating a certain defect related to reproductive disease.

•    Expertise in a relevant field.


Are There Any Side Effects for Infertility Treatments?

Possible side effects of infertility treatments are:

The possible side effects related to the infertility treatments are as follow:

•    Multiple pregnancies.

•    Gestational diabetes.

•    High blood pressure due to multiple pregnancies.

•    Low birth weight/ Pre-mature labor.

•    Emotional breakdown (mood swings, anxiety and stress).

•    Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome as a result of fertility drugs.

•    Ectopic pregnancy i.e. an embryo is implanted outside of uterus.

•    Can also cause blurred vision.

•    Infections or damage internal reproductive organs.

•    Male patients who are struggling with infertility can gain weight, grow acne and breast due to drugs.

•    Rare chance of liver damage.


How to Offset Side Effects of Fertility Drugs?

If you are experiencing any inconvenience during the infertility treatment sessions then you must consult your doctor. Your infertility specialist would provide a thorough briefing on the side effects and the way to combat with them. The patient need to be transparent about her feeling and comfort level as it’s the infertility specialist’s responsibility to cater all of their patients’ needs. The infertility specialist might change your medication and its usage depending upon the situation. It is vital to take medication on allotted time and with proper diet to eliminate any further disease i.e. stomach problems. Make a habit of drinking water regularly before breakfast. The water cures anxiety and depression. The social support from friends and family members can bring positive effects and might eliminate other reproductive defects which are creating hindrance in conceiving. However, the infertility treatments have minimal effects.

Infertility Support Group

Infertility support group of Pakistan (ISGP) is solely focused on assisting and educating the distinct regions of Pakistan about innovative assisted reproductive technology. The infertility support group aims to facilitate the patients who desire or have been undergoing through the infertility treatments. We value our patients by providing information regarding best infertility clinics, hospitals and infertility treatments. We have created this fertility hub to provide a discussion platform for those who are unable to conceive. This is considered as an online consultancy discussion board which brings the most underlying infertility male and female issues into light.

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